Humanitarian association of PRIJATELJICE in human, open and professional way advocates for active participation and better position of beneficiaries in community, providing psychosocial, educational, counseling support and services, with possibility of employment, contributing so to democratic development of society in whole.


  1. Continuous improvement of the organization with the objective of expert, quality and creative beneficiaries needs meeting, regardless to national and religious affiliation, age and sex.
  2. Strengthening psychosocial, educational, counseling programs and services with possibilities of broadening activities to the other areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and broader.
  3. Use of existing resources within the projects, which will create possibilities for future development and sustainability of the organization.


  1. Continuous adoption of the activities to the community needs
  2. To become long term sustainable organization open for all beneficiaries in need for our support by developing existing and similar projects
  3. Exchanging experiences and initiating changes for community by continuous activities  in NGO networks and coalitions, participating so to democratic civil society building
  4. Permanent lobbying of the governmental institutions in cooperation with others in order to verify values and contribution of non-profit organizations and establishment of partnerships


Humanitarian association of PRIJATELJICE aims to become professional, stabile, long term sustainable and recognized organization which will adopt its work to the beneficiaries needs by efficient and quality services, particularly in the field of psycho social, counseling (health, legal, etc), educational support and services to the citizens, family, governmental and non-governmental sectors, and setting up its work on the principles of tolerance, humanity, solidarity, networking and care for community being operational in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and broader.