AMICA has launched a new project in the villages of return!!!

Project launch in Bosnia-Herzegovina: perspectives for returnees before 12 years began the return home of internally displaced persons in the Serbian part of Bosnia. The majority of households is led by single or widowed women who lost their husbands in the war. For them, the difficult economic situation, missing work and training places represent the biggest problem. It often involves basic things like water supply and sewage system, a functioning telephone network or to an adequate health care. Most of the families live today on the edge of subsistence.
Some Rückkehrinnen have taken the initiative and founded associations for self-help (photo). The centres are important focal points for the inhabitants and a meeting place for social activities. In order to support them, AMICA has launched a new project: the leaders and managers of clubs will receive training and specialized knowledge, how they can better lead their initiatives. Insight into a successful agricultural cooperative in Kosovo is to stimulate new ideas and promote networking in the region. Representatives of ministries and municipalities are involved.

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