The project was implemented from 2001 to 2004

Project objectives:

Project objectives were designed on the basis of needs of children who were identified as having difficulties to study and demonstrating unwanted forms of behavior, which was, most likely, a consequence of their living under difficult social and economic circumstances, bad family relations, and living in incomplete families. The children were moved away from streets, they were supported in their personal development. At the same time, their parents were continuously educated. This is one of the forms of organizing and planning children’s free time, as well as professional caring for children who have been left on their own.

Overall objectives of the project were:

•         To move children away from the streets;

•         To provide support in the children’s development and their parents’ education.

Target group:

Project beneficiaries were:

–           children- 96 students attending school grades from II to VII;

–           parents.


The primary and the only model of work in the first two years was work in groups. All the children were divided into four groups. We worked with each group on a daily basis.

Two years later, and during the last one and a half years, we worked in groups and individually.

The following methods were used in the group work:

–           discussion method,

–           method of creative expressing by drawing,

–           relaxation methods (relaxation games, fantasy, etc.),

–           dramatization method – role play, dramatizing of well-known fairytales, reading of favorite stories, listening to music, expressing emotions through dance.

The method of creative expressing by drawing has helped us to better analyze children’s feelings, fears and trauma. At times a drawing spoke more than words ever could, because children were not used to expressing their emotions freely (some of the themes were: My family, My dream, Me in the rain, Before the war-during the war-present time and future).

It is only through a friendly approach, full of mutual confidence and patience, that we managed to build such relations with these children so that they can feel valuable, gain self-confidence and appreciate differences among them.


Modern tools used in our work, which were also interesting to the children, have helped us to achieve good results. We played through learning, and learned through playing.