Poverty alleviation through Center of Female Entrepreneurship strengthening

In the partnership with the Tuzla Municipality, and as active member of the Local Economy Development Forum of the Tuzla Municipality, we encourage self-employment, contributing so to poverty alleviation in the local community.

We are specialized for providing services of general, daily and weekly cleaning of private and business premises. Some of our long-term partners are: Raiffeisen Bank B&H, Taldi NGO, Eronet Tuzla, Volksbank, Triglav insurance company.

Besides the a/m services, we realize the following courses:

–          Cutting and sewing course

–          Production of silk scarfs and ties, paintings, postcards, etc.

Within the program which is realized in the partnership with the Swedish Union of Tenants from Stockholm, and financed by the Olof Palme International Center, RONJA educational center (REC) is operational.

REC so far has trained per 12 women in IT technologies in two three months courses for beginners and advancers, 15 women attendants of three months hair dressing course and 12 women who completed three month course of creative expressions (post card production, silk and glass painting and so on.)