Within the Reference Group of NGOs in Tuzla (formal network of 99 international and local non-governmental organizations) there is a Working Group for Psychosocial protection, which is very active. The Working Group is in informal network with the governmental institutions (Health Center, Court, Social Welfare Center, police) in order to create a network of all stakeholders involved in issues of solving domestic violence.

The Working Group has created, with support of the lawyer engaged in the HA „Prijateljice“ within the free legal counseling project, draft law on domestic violence perpetrators, which was presented to the relevant ministries ate the cantonal and federal level, with occasional organization of round tables and public discussions we advocated for adoption of this Law.

HA „Prijateljice“ supported initiative for creation of strategy of sustainable NGO sector in B&H, gathering about 220 NGOs across Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the „Prijateljice“ was chairing the Task Force which created the Code of Conduct for NGOs in B&H, which makes one segment in definition of the a/m strategy. The initiative was launched by the Civil Society Promotion Center in Sarajevo, and the Memorandum on Cooperation between the B&H Council of Ministers and NGO sector representatives was signed by Mr. Nikola Špirić, the President of the B&H Council in 2007.

USAID program of institutional empowerment and local NGOs development in B&H handed over a recognition to the HA „Prijateljice“ for successfully completed ORT program, within democratic network for development and sustainability of NGOs in March 2001. Among selected only 50 NGOs in B&H, HA „Prijateljice“ were among first 18 successfully NGOs which completed the ORT program.

Through participation in seminars organized by the Human Rights Office in Tuzla, on the topic of democracy, human rights, organizational management etc., HA „Prijateljice“ along with other 10 NGOs in B&H made a „Network 10“ within the Balkan human rights network.

Since April 2003, HA „Prijateljice“ has been active in the Freja mentorship program, with the aim of empowerment and education of 5 women in Bosnia and Herzegovina („Žena BiH“ Mostar, „Žene sa Une“ Bihać, Association of Tenants Sarajevo, Tuzla Municipality and HA „Prijateljice“).

Mentors are experts with different backgrounds in Sweden and EU, and until Spring 2004 lots of educational seminars took place for all the project participants coming from Croatia, Macedonia (Association of women’s associations of Macedonia, Skoplje) and Serbia (Association of Business Women, Belgrade). FREJA program is supported by the Olof Palme International Center and the Association of Tenant of Aros Gavle region, Sweden.