Implementation of the project «Support to inclusion» took place in 2005 and 2006. The project was implemented in partnership with several schools in Tuzla Municipality (primary schools »Simin Han», «Lipnica», »Gornja Tuzla» and «Husino»).

Project  implemented by:

Emina Haskić, special pedagogue

Zana Delić, special pedagogue

Mirela Heljić, special pedagogue

Dijana Mahmuzić, special pedagogue

Samir Kavgić, professor of biology                                                                                                        Šehida Mujkić, cook


The project objectives are:

•         prevention of presence on the streets of children who were born during or after the war, and who are traumatized by the post-war situation and loss of parents;

•         integration of socially marginalized children into the school system;

•         success in the communication skills and social behavior of these marginalized children, reduction of aggressive behavior and working towards improved concentration;

•         development of a network of teachers and pedagogues who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of specialized pedagogy, and development of methods for use when working with socially marginalized children;

•         development of conscience about the special needs of children with specific problems and identification of possibilities to assist such children.

•         Education and rehabilitation of children who are legging behind in their studying and development.


Target group are children with special needs, both those with physical and mental disturbances in their development and the gifted children, children without parents, displaced children, returnees and in some cases children from minority ethnic groups.

The number of children is, on an average, 20 per one school, i.e. a total of between 80 and 85 students.

Some 100 parents of children included in this project are also involved.

20 teachers from partner schools have had additional training through seminars on inclusive education.

Two main types of activities are:

•         Group work

•         Individual work.

During our work with the children the project team also provided individual treatments.

In addition to individual treatment, workshops are organized for each group of children.

The themes planned to be covered are being modified and adapted as required by the chronological age of the groups’ members.


–           Educated and rehabilitated children,

–           Developed conscience among children with special needs about their own abilities and remaining potentials, and overcoming of prejudices among their peers,

–           Reduced aggressiveness,

–           Improved communication, school results and socialization

–           Teaching staff additionally trained in the field of  specialized pedagogy and inclusion,

–           Teaching staff supported in their direct work with children

–           Parents educated about the abilities of children with special needs,

–           Counselling and provision of information to parents,

–           Knowledge about the family situations/circumstances of each child.