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SCHOOL PROJECT is a short name for the project which activities we realize in cooperation with schools and students. Since 1997, HA ”Prijateljice” have implemented the project activities in schools in Tuzla Canton (TC), with the aim of providing assistance to children returning from abroad in mastering the curriculum. Over the time, the number of returnees in the area of ​​TC decreased, but soon preconditions for intense two-way return of refugees and displaced persons throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina were set up. Following changes in the community, we also made changes in the project and in 2002 the project was implemented under the title “Support the mainstreaming of children in the school system in both entities.” The project was implemented in ten schools, five schools in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and five schools in Republika Srpska. In total, eight schools were primary and two secondary schools.

In September 2007, two high schools were replaced with two new elementary schools (elementary school Kozluk and Tojšići).

And in September 2008, the Primary School “Slavinovići”, Tuzla replaced Elementary School in Lipnica, Tuzla.

From 01.01.2010 we started a new project cycle, titled “Steps towards reconciliation and tolerance through dialogue in the education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region,” with the aim of:

“Support to returnee minorities in both entities in the process of reintegration and realization of human coexistence in accordance with the Declaration on Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child and facilitate inter-and inter-country dialogue.”

The project in 2010/2011 involved 10 schools; in 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 8 schools were involved, and in 2014 we have six schools involved.

From 2010-2014 the project was with the same name and was realized with the same general objective, but in that period there have been certain changes due to reduction of financial means.

Specific objectives are:

– Reducing prejudice, accepting diversity, both at children and adults, teachers, parents, in both entities in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Declaration of Human Rights.

– Remove prejudices that affect formation of discrimination among people in both entities. Prejudices related to ethnic, religious and geographical origin (category of returnees, displaced persons and indigenous peoples).

– Facilitate adoption of communication skills with a focus on creative conflict management with various target groups: students, parents, educators.

– Reducing discrimination, which is present in all spheres of life in both entities at various target groups, contribute to sustainable return and human coexistence.

– Establishment of cooperation with NGOs in the region to contribute to the dialogue through creation of lasting peace.

– Networking of children, parents, teachers and school managers from both entities and wider region, and creation of partnerships that will continue to evolve in the future.

– Prevention of violence among children and youth (in school, family and community as a whole).

– Humanization of relations between the sexes.

– Formation of students’ clubs as legal parts of the school.

– Education of centers representatives who are supposed to take over management and self-organization of the centers.

– Education in the field of democracy, leadership, public advocacy, proposal writing.

– Edit website and student newspapers with the aim of improving communication and standards of student life.

Users groups:

  • Students from elementary schools ages 12-15 years,
  • Teachers,
  • Parents, directly and indirectly
  • School management

During 2010, the project was implemented in the following schools: „Dositej Obradović“, Suvo Polje Bijeljina municipality, ”Petar Kočić“ Kozluk, „Aleksa Šantić“ Ugljevik, „Desanka Maksimović“ Oraovac, „Meša Selimović“ Janja – all from Republika Srpska, „Dubrave“ Dubrave, „Slavinovići“ Tuzla, „Vukovije“ Vukovije Gornje, „Tojšići“ Tojšići, „Lukavac Grad“ Lukavac – all from the

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2011 in the following schools: „Petar Kočić“ Kozluk, „Aleksa Šantić“ Ugljevik, „Desanka Maksimović“ Oraovac, „Sveti Sava“ Lopare – all from Republika Srpska, „Mramor“ Mramor, „Slavinovići“ Tuzla,  „Vukovije“ Vukovije Gornje and „Tojšići“ Tojšići (FB&H).

2012: „Desanka Maksimović“ Čelopek (central school), „Desanka Maksimović“ Oraovac (branch school), „Petar Kočić“ Kozluk, „Sveti Sava“ Lopare, „Vukovije“ Vukovije Gornje (Kalesija), „Mramor“ and „Gornja Tuzla“ (Tuzla), „Čelić“ Čelić

2013: „Desanka Maksimović“ Čelopek (central school), „Desanka Maksimović“ Oraovac (branch school), „Petar Kočić“ Kozluk, „Sveti Sava“ Lopare, „Vukovije“ Vukovije Gornje (Kalesija), „Mramor“ (Tuzla), „Gornji Rainci“ (Kalesija), „Čelić“ Čelić

2014: „Desanka Maksimović“ Čelopek (central school), „Desanka Maksimović“ Oraovac (branch school), „Sveti Sava“ Lopare, „Mramor“ (Tuzla), „Gornji Rainci“ Gornji Rainci (Kalesija), „Čelić“ Čelić