Project beneficiaries
During the last 6 months in 20013, in the “Little Mermaid” playroom we worked with 22 children ages 3 to 6. Although birth rates are declining all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Tuzla Canton too, we have every year after summer vacations new children enrolled in the group. This year we also worked in full capacity.

About children in play room
In playroom we respect children’s differences and we try to stimulate all developing areas of children: physical development, social-emotional development, personality development, cognitive development, speech development, communication and creative work.

Specific goals:
To provide preschool children preparation for the school
Socialization in to the group, cultural identity – feeling of belonging
Improvement of communication’s skills
Support in improving the feeling of own values and positive attitude in overcoming some different skills, creativity development
Acquiring new knowledge and skills
Gaining hygienic and cultural habits
Control of children health
To make better place for the future of gender equality for long term

Activities in the playroom are organized and distributed into the following centers:
Art-creative center: activities in this center are focused to drawing, coloring in different techniques, hand-made products (paper, cardboard, styrofoam etc.), modeling clay, scissors, sewing thread, and other activities stimulating children’s creativity.
Center for physical development and sport: activities meeting the natural child’s needs for movement and play. Usually, these are different children’s games, exercises for correct growth and development, movement’s development, balance and coordination.
Music center: activities are focused to learning new songs, sense of rhythm and dance, individual and collective singing and telling songs..
Drama center: stipulates imitation of certain characters or animals, telling songs with acting or dance, mask shows etc.
Play Center: using free time playing (lego cubes, cars, dolls, memory games, balls, etc.), watching cartoons, etc.

Playroom “Little Mermaid” in 2013 was financed by:
– “Aktion Kleine Prinz”, Germany
– “Erbacher Stiftung”, Germany
– “Bosnian initiative”, Germany
– Monthly fees