Implementation of the project began in September 1997 in the Tuzla Canton in order to support the children refugees. Following needs of the beneficiaries since 2000, the project activities were focused on supporting process of return, inter-entity cooperation, prevention of peer violence and dealing with the past.

Until 2012/13, 14 elementary and 2 secondary schools in Republika Srpska and Federation of B&H were involved in the project activities, and every year we get permissions of Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport in Tuzla Canton and Republika Srpska. (Gymnasiums from Bijeljina and Tuzla, Elementary schools from Bijeljina, Ugljevik, Janja, Doboj, Zvornik, Suvo Polje, Lukavac, Gračanica, Tojšići, Simin Han*, Slavinovići*, Lipnica*, Gornja Tuzla* and Dubrave* – *belongs to Tuzla municipality).

In the first semester of 2013/2014, we realize project in 4 elementary schools in Republika Srpska and 4 elementary schools in Federation of B&H (Lopare, Čelopek, Oraovac, Kozluk, Čelić, Mramor, Vukovije Gornje and Rainci Gornji).

In the project, 360 pupils – ages from 12 to 15, 700 parents, 8 teachers as school coordinators and school management from 8 schools are involved.

We realize project through the following activities:

  • Weekly activities (classes) with students
  • Workshops – partner school meetings
  • Trainings for students leaders and schools coordinators
  • Activities at the Students’ Clubs
  • Campaigns with pupils and parents
  • Trainings for school management

In 2014 due to reduction of donations, 3 schools from Republika Srpska and 3 schools from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be included (Lopare, Oraovac, Čelopek, Čelić, Rainci Gornji, Mramor).

Project is realised by the following team members:

Emina Haskić, Project coordinator

Sehaveta Srabović, teacher on project

Dalibor Lukić, teacher on project

Fuad Halilović, teacher on project